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SunRay knows that knowledge is essential for our customers to be successful. That’s why we are excited to announce  that we have scheduled a series of free webinars over the next several months where you can learn more about construction liens from insider, Alex Barthet, Esq., who specializes in construction law. You will enjoy watching these webinars right from the convenience of your own office or home and you will even have an opportunity to send questions live to our speaker. Please register for one or all of the webinars listed below. We hope you enjoy our series. If you have a questions that you would like to see covered in the future please send email to

Register for 2018 Webinars

Register for ‘Death By Waiver’ Webinar
Register for ‘Wait, What? I Only Have 40 Days to Send my NTO?’ Webinar
Register for ‘My Lien was Bonded Off. Now What? ‘ Webinar
Register for ‘Pay-When-Paid Sucks, So Do this to Get Paid Anyways’ Webinar
Register for ’3 Lien Release Tricks You Need to Know’ Webinar
Can I Lien Homestead Property (and Other Lien Questions Answered Webiinar
Register for ‘Can I Lien Homestead Property (& Other Lien Questions Answered)?’ Webinar
Register for ‘How do I collect my money without huge legal fees?’ Webinar
How Do I Lien for Tenant Improvements Webinar
Register for ‘How Do I lien for Tenant Improvements?’ Webinar
I'm Owed a Few Thousand Dollars. Is it Worth Hiring a Lawyer Webinar
Register for ‘I’m Owed a Few Thousand Dollars. Is it Worth Hiring a Lawyer?’ Webinar

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