SunRay Lien Law Seminars 2018


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Do you have questions about Florida’s Lien Laws? SunRay Construction Solutions in conjunction with Alex Barthet, Esq. is pleased to present an informative 3 hour seminar that will answer all of your important questions.

SunRay Miami Lien Law Seminar in February 2018
SunRay Naples Lien Law Seminar in April 2018
SunRay Ft. Lauderdale Lien Law Seminar in June 2018
SunRay Boca Lien Law Seminar in October 2018
SunRay Miami Lien Law Seminar in November 2018

Get Paid Now!Secure your lien rights and get paid on your terms.At SunRay we are interested in the success of your business, as your success is our success!