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New Series of Webinars: Construction Lien Insider Tips


SunRay knows that knowledge is essential for our customers to be successful.  That’s why we are excited to announce  that we have scheduled a series of free webinars over the next several months where you can learn more about construction liens from insider, Alex Barthet, Esq., who specializes in construction law.  You will enjoy watching these webinars right from the convenience of your own office or home and you will even have an opportunity to send questions live to our speaker.   Please register for one or all of the webinars listed below.  We hope you enjoy our series.  if you have a questions that you would like to see covered in the future please send email to


2019 Webinars

Tricks you can’t miss on securing payments in Texas- Part II

When: Aired  JAN 17th 9:00 AM



2018 Webinars


3 Things to Improve Your Credit and Collection Process in 2018

When: Aired  JAN 18th 9:00 AM


I Forgot to Send My Notice to Owner Now What?

When: Aired  Feb 15th 9:00 AM


Do this 1 thing before you sign that next release

When: Aired  Mar 15th 9:00 AM



Personal Guaranties and Other Ways to Get Paid Webinar

When: Aired  Apr 19th 9:00 AM



Don’t Make This 1 Change Order Mistake, or it Will Cost You Big Time Webinar

When: Aired  May 17th 9:00 AM



Wait, What? I only have 40 days to send my Notice to Owner

When: Aired  Jun 21st 9:00 AM



My Lien Was Bonded Off. Now What?

When: Aired  July 19th 9:00 AM



Pay-When-Paid Sucks, So Do This to Get Paid Anyways

When: Aired  August 16th 9:00 AM



3 Lien Release tricks You Must Know

When: Aired  September 20th 9:00 AM



Can I Lien Homestead Property? -6 Major Homestead Lien Questions Answered

When: Aired  October 18th 9:00 AM


How Do I Lien for Tenant Improvements?

When: Aired  November 15th 9:00 AM



I’m Owed a Few Thousand Dollars. Is it Worth Hiring a Lawyer?

When: Aired  December 20th 9:00 AM



2017 Webinars


Can I stop working if I’m not getting paid (and how do I get paid)?

When: Aired  JAN 19th 9:00 AM



The top 3 avoidable Notice to Owner mistakes that can cost you, big time.

When: Aired FEB 16th 9:00 AM


What does “bonding off my lien” mean (and how do I get paid)?

Aired: Thursday, MAR 16th 9:00 AM


The top 4 mistakes that make a lien invalid. (Georgia Webinar / Mark Cobb)

Aired: Wednesday APR 5 9:00 AM


Three Big Mistakes That Will invalidate Your Lien! (Michigan / Marty Bernstein)

Aired: Thursday, MAY 4th 9:00 AM


If I lien a tenant/lease, what am I liening (and how do I get paid)?

Aired: Thursday, MAY 18th 9:00 AM



I’ve received a claim on my payment or performance bond! Now what?

Aired: Thursday, JUN 15th 9:00 AM



How much credit should I extend to a customer?

Aired: Thursday, JUL 20th 9:00 AM


How do I respond to a Request for Sworn Statement of Account (and can I send my own)?

Aired: Thursday, AUG 17th 9:00 AM


What is a Contractor’s Final Affidavit (and when do I need to send one)?

Aired: Thursday, SEP 21th 9:00 AM



How do I get paid on a public project if there is no bond?

Aired: Thursday, OCT 19th 9:00 AM


I Sent My Notice of Nonpayment and Backup Documents. Why won’t the bonding company just pay me already?

Aired: Thursday, NOV 16th 9:00 AM


What really happens when I record a lien (and when will I get paid)?

Aired: Thursday, DEC 14th 9:00 AM



2016 Webinars

I’ve Been Sued. Now What?

When:  Aired July 13, 2016


What Are the Top 5 Changes I Can Make to My Contract to Better Protect My Company?

When: Aired August 2, 2016


What Are the Top 5 Lien Release Traps I Need to Watch Out For?

When: Aired September 14, 2016


I Missed My Notice or Lien Deadline. What Are My Options?

When: Aired October 11, 2016


2015 Webinars:

Lien Release Pitfalls

When: Aired February 19, 2015


  1. Not Negotiating the Form of Release at the Time of Contract
  2. Having the Wrong Through Date (or no Through Date)
  3. Not Specifying the Amount of the Release
  4. Not Using Conditional Release Language

I’m working on federal and state projects.  How do I protect myself so that I get paid?

When: Aired April 16, 2015


  1. What to file and when to assert a Miller Act (federal) bond claim
  2. What to file and when to assert a state government bond claim
  3. Common traps to avoid losing your rights

Topic: I don’t have a signed contract. How do I lien and get paid?

When: Aired July 21, 2015


  1. Understanding how lien rights are created
  2. What to file and when to preserve your lien rights
  3. Common traps to avoid losing your lien rights


10 debt collection strategies that can help you get paid by the end of the year.

When: Aired Oct 15, 2015

  1. How much credit to extend based on the security given
  2. Why emotional decision making is costing you money
  3. How to properly give a credit to induce a prompt payment
  4. How to document the resolution of dispute to avoid it bubbling up in the future


What Are the Top 5 Lien Release Traps I need to Watch out For?

When: Aired Feb 10, 2016


How Do I Get More From My Lawyer and Reduce Legal Fees at the Same Time?

When: Aired March 31, 2016


I Won a Judgment. Now How Do I Get Paid?

When: Aired April 21, 2016


I sent a bond claim / notice of non-payment. Now what?

When: Aired June 7, 2016


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