Teresa Robotham

teresa robotham
Teresa Robotham
Title: Director of Marketing
Title I wish i had: Zoo Keeper
Favorite Quote:

Real Joy Can Be Found When You Give Yourself Away.

Believe It Or Not

I'm a cat whisperer

Greatest Fear

Flying Bugs, Heights, Large Bodies of Water, High Speeds, Tripping, Fire, Tall Buildings falling on me, my mouth being glued shut by gum, Hurricanes, Tornados, sticky stuff, Earthquakes, and just about anything that is life threatening. In other words, I'm scared of a couple of things.

Favorite Book

The Books of Genesis, Romans and Revelation and Gifted Hands by Benjamin S. Carson.


Photography, Writing, Hiking, Camping, Guns!!!

My Story

I always say that my passion for art, writing and technology gloriously collided to become my direction in marketing as a web designer.  My biggest accomplishment is spawning 2 amazing offspring.  I love coffee.

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